“Bridge to the Future” launched the international summer work-camp in Ganja city.

On the dates of 10-21 July, 2018 "Bridge to Future" Youth Public Union in cooperation with Ganja Youth House organized international work-camp named "Green Environment" in Ganja city.

The aim of the camp was to provide international young people getting information about ecology and environment, to develop truism in Ganja, to establish public idea for protecting environment by organizing cleaning actions in Ganja city Haydar Aliyev Park-Complex and making bird nests and informational signs for the nature.

The participants of the camp were young people from Turkey, Serbia, Russia, the Czech Republic, France and Mexico.

It should be noted that the participants of the camp were involved from the member organizations of the NETWORK called ALLIANCE which BF is a member of as well. 

09.08.2018 17:33