"Hajikend Summer Camp - 2018" is over.


           "Bridge to Future" Youth Public Union organized the project named "Hajikend Summer Camp - 2018" in Hajikend settlement, Ganja city. The project was dedicated to "Ganja - Sport City of Europe 2019" title which was funded by Azerbaijan Youth Foundation.

The aim of the camp was to promote "Ganja - Sport City of Europe 2019" title on the country level by establishing camping tradition in the region, at the same time to help local young people for spending their free time efficiently. In the project, totally 85 young people (between 14-29 ages) and 15 organizers took part.

During 7 days duration, the participants were trained and informed about "Ganja - Sport City of Europe 2019" title, the role of the youth in development of the tourism, social business, Youth Houses and opportunities. In addition, the young people during the camp were involved some practical activities such - technical signs in the nature, sport activities, archery, yoga and first aid. As well as they were a part of presentations, discussions and marches.

In the project there were partners.They were: Ganja city Executive Power, Ganja city Youth and Sport Head Department, “Ganja European Youth Capital 2016” Youth Union and Azerbaijan Scouts Association.

13.09.2018 18:28