TOT training for young people who studied in the United States - Announcement.

“Keep In Touch”

Azerbaijan Alumni Training


          Ganja, Azerbaijan

Dear Alumni,

We are happy to launch the call for participants for the project titled “Keep in Touch”


Project Background

The “Keep in Touch” project aims to build a firm network of the U.S. educated alumni in the Western regions of Azerbaijan. We will select alumni from the surrounding regions of Azerbaijan to participate in a “Training of Training” workshop to reunite alumni and motivate them to return to their regions and start community work and continue sharing knowledge between each other.  Through the training, alumni will discuss the main problems and challenges within their communities and be educated on resolutions to these problems. They will also learn how to encourage future alumni and students to go abroad and the opportunities and benefits of being part of the U.S. Exchange program community.

The project will consist of 3 stages:

T.O.T. (Training of Trainers)

10 alumni will be involved from 5 Western and surrounding regions (2 from each) and 6 from Ganja, which will be selected based on application forms. They will participate in 3 days (2 nights) training course.

Implement small training and projects in home regions

After T.O.T., the alumni will speak to an audience at a local NGO to future alumni, parents, and eager youth leaders, will share their experiences, make motivational presentations and explain the benefits of studying abroad through U.S. educational programs.


Evaluation Meeting

After reporting Alumni will participate 1 day of evaluation which will include:

·         Discuss the success’s and disappointments, what worked and what didn’t

·         Review results of surveys and reports


Dates & Venue of training:

25-27 June 2013,

Ganja, Azerbaijan.

How to apply:

If you want to become a participant in this project, please write to:  email address for the application form.

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